[TUTORIAL] Nambahin FPS 10 di DotA

If you want to increase your FPS (frames per second), or easier said, your DotA will go faster, do this “unknown” thing. I increased at least 10-15 FPS without doing anything. Now I have about 50, and I used to have about 35-40.

I tested this and its working correctly at 90% cases! Possible side effects are in the Q&A.

  1. Press START (windows)

  2. Press RUN

  3. Type REGEDIT and press enter.

  4. When you enter REGEDIT, follow the picture and change the value in lockfb from 1 to 0.

Q: Is this illegal / hack?

A: No! NO! This it 100% legal thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with cheating. This will only and only increase your FPS and nothing else. Imagine this as you bought a new and fast PC

Q: I have from 50 to 64 FPS and this didn’t help me.

A: There is no point doing this if you already have MAX fps which is 64. Warcraft 3 is capped to 64fps no matter how strong your PC is.

Q: My mouse seems slower now.

A: If you know how to go to NVIDIA or ATI control panel and disable VSYNC, it will gone away (maybe).

Q: It didn’t help me at all, I still have the same FPS.

A: If you are playing with -opengl mode, it will not work.

Q: Does this work with Garena / RGC / Dotaleague and others?

A: Yes! It works no matter where you play. This thing has nothing to do with DotA in general, it only changes Warcraft 3 registry which increases FPS, no matter what Map you play or where you play.

Q: Is this going to change my DotA in any way? Are graphic going to be bad? Will this crash my game?

A: No, no, no and no. This will not change anything! It only has to do with system stuff. I repeat, this has no side effects at all!

Q: I’m a MAC user and how to do this?

A: It doesn’t work, as MACs use Opengl. Thanks to View Profile: DotA-Lawlstars.