Steve Makarov


Name : Steve Makarov Stancovic
Gender : Male
Religion : Catholic
Date of Birth : January 5 1991
Place of Birth : Saint Petersburg, Russia

Hair : Black
Eyes : Blue
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 70 kg

Hobbies: Drifting | Gambling | Smoke | Reading
Likes: Honesty | Integrity | Dedication

Steve born on Saint Petersburg, Russia at 5 january 1991, he have a bad family, his father Mitch Sanchez is a most wanted mafia leader on his country, and his mother Maedley Makarov is a whore that can service other male without any pay, Steve grow on bad area, he’s be a leader of underground drifter that know as N.A.D.A ( Night Atutomotive Drift Asossication ) on his young age ( 16 years old ) he learn to drive a car with his Grandfather named Makarov Stancovic which also a N.A.D.A leader before Steve.

Steve can be a leader on that organisation because only Steve can beat his grandfather on the race track. On may 2006, Makarov race with Steve again to having fun with his granchild, but a bad luck is getting by Makarov, his car is splashed into the sea, and Steve dont know that his grandfather died, Steve still ride to the finish, and wait his Grandfather, after wait with a long time finally he drive backward to start slowly, and Steve know his grandfather die, he fast give this information to his father, but his father ignored this incident and still selling a weapons and drug to other people, and his mother is still having sex on his house with other male.

After that all, steve steal a crane car and take Makarov car and Makarov body, because he cant find his Grandfather body, he just take his grandfather car, while crying, he take Makarov car, and bring that to his hideout, on hideout he fix grandfather car with mechanic team, but the bad luck is coming again, his father die on cop raid, and his mother die 1 month after get a sex virus.

Steve and his team start travel with car each other to different country, all team is scatter to each country, and Steve going to unknow place with his grandfather car, just ride ride and ride, finally Steve is find the best country because so much ilegallity here, and make a race everyday, he never lose on the race, he buy other car and a house there, his grandfather car is still on garage now.

One day, Steve make N.A.D.A born again, 1 month no one know N.A.D.A except the member, but one reporter report N.A.D.A hideout to goverment, and on that same day all of goverment is coming to his hideout and seal the place, seal Steve house, and take all members car, now Steve back to poor again and work so hard to get a car for making N.A.D.A back.